El Muerte (The Death)
El Muerte (The Death)
El Muerte (The Death)
El Muerte (The Death)
El Muerte (The Death)

El Muerte (The Death)


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Grade: AAAA+


El Muerte — translates to 'The Death' in Spanish and rightfully so. Indulging too much of this strain may cause your body to be put into a comatose state while your mind explores your outer limits.  

El Muerte is a rare 100% indica strain and a phenotype of Death Bubba. El Muerte's buds are dank and pungent, reeking of skunk and diesel. With an intricate array of green and purple, these super resinous buds will glue your fingers together if you are not careful.

Our El Muerte is potent as potent can get.  The smoke is smooth and tasty, burning slowly. The effects are powerful and instant with an awakening euphoric high leading way to a total body relaxation.  

This is a must have for all the heavy smokers out there.

Flavours: earthy, sweet, citrus, space

Traits: euphoria, happy, relaxed, creative

Best Treatment For: 

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD

Pre-rolled Cone:
Each pre-roll is rolled to order with RAW Natural Unrefined Organic Hemp rolling paper packed with over half a gram of flower and comes with its own J-tube Carrying Case.

  • 1x RAW Natural Unrefined Organic Hemp Cone
  • Over half a gram of flower
  • 1x J-Tube Carrying Case


Indica | THC 28%, CBD 1%
100% Indica

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