Chemical Fire
Chemical Fire
Chemical Fire
Chemical Fire
Chemical Fire

Chemical Fire


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Grade: AAAA 

Chem Fire, short for Chemical Fire, is a strain created by crossing Chem Dawg and Fire OG.  It smells and tastes so unique with its pungent aromas that it can overwhelm some users but to many, it is a delicious delicacy. 

Chem Fire's buds are a forest green and absolutely cake with sweet sugars.

Reaking of fuel, Chem Fire's high is extremely potent that some say it can feel like you are in a realm of hallucination. It will sooth the body as the mind flies high. Take this intense journey slowly and dose cautiously.

Flavours: diesel, pine

Traits: euphoria, relaxed, creativity

Best Treatment For:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nausea

Pre-rolled Cone:
Each pre-roll is rolled to order with RAW Natural Unrefined Organic Hemp rolling paper packed with over half a gram of flower and comes with its own J-tube Carrying Case.

  • 1x RAW Natural Unrefined Organic Hemp Cone
  • Over half a gram of flower
  • 1x J-Tube Carrying Case

Hybrid | THC 27%, CBD 1%
70% Indica, 30% Sativa